Death Row


Lock Down Escape is one of the UK's top rated escape games room. If you've got what it takes then proceed.


You have been LOCKED DOWN in a HIGH RISK prison for a crime you did not commit. You are on DEATH ROW and have to find a way to escape in 60 minutes and prove your innocence, before walking the GREEN MILE to the execution room.

Solve puzzles and find clues before it’s too late and you are sentenced to death by ELECTRIC CHAIR.




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Looking for a company outing? We cater for up to 18 players per session.


Kate Palethorpe

this place is amazing!! my husband and I did the death row room and it was awesome. so much fun and really quite hard in places. really lovely guy who owns it and really helpful. such a good time. Will be back for the Halloween special and to do the other rooms before long. would recommend to anyone!!

Karen Matthews

Had a great time in The Lost Soul room. Six of us went and worked together to get the clues to help us escape. Based on paranormal activity investigators like on Poltergeist movie. Its good fun for all ages. And I wasn’t too scared out of my skin!!!

Darius Ilkhani

Had a lot of fun with the lads would definitely recommend. Instructor who set up the room was spot on. Gonna come back and do the other ones. We did the Death Row one. It was different to the one I did in Glasgow!

Abbie Wade

Absolutely amazing! Was petrified going through the maze and was constantly jumping throughout.
Think twice about having a drink to calm your nerves as some of those codes are hard to crack sober and being that scared you want to do it as fast as you can!
Would recommend to anyone wanting to do something a little different around Halloween as this isn’t just your average haunted house.

Zoe Wells

Had an absolutely fantastic evening from start to finish. We booked this for a Christmas present to do with our family, they came across from the Wirral to do this with us. This was the first time we had done something like this, we really enjoyed it and definitely recommend you have a go.

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